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• Nutritional Counseling:      Packages Available
Modern medicine focuses on treating the “symptoms” of our physical problems, but holistic nutrition focuses more on the underlying cause of imbalances in the body and creates a plan for a complete recovery of health and a happier life.

• Body Fat Scan:      30 MIN $30
Find out your body fat percentage and fat to muscle ratio.

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• SOC:      30 MIN $50
Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures around the world for the purpose of  strengthening the immune system.  Many people have issues that can be resolved with Essential Oils.

• AromaTouch:      60 MIN $95
This is a special essential oils protocol designed in 4 phases to reduce stress, boost immune system function and bring balance and homeostasis to the body as a whole.

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• Microcurrent Pain Management:      60 MIN $125
Use of low-level microcurrent to treat a variety of conditions that cause chronic pain in the body. THIS CAN BE AN OUTCALL SERVICE.

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    Do you offer candling for removal of ear wax?

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