Pain Management

Our Experience

Nirvana Wellnest understands that everyone experiences pain for many different reasons and is proud to be a Thorp Institute Certified Treatment Center for the use of microcurrent therapy to treat acute or chronic pain. The Thorp Institute is a medical management corporation that specializes in pain management using clinically substantiated microcurrent technology. Nirvana Wellnest offers this highly effective microcurrent therapy to repair tissue at the cellular level and re-balance bioelectrical flow.

How it Works

Our bodies function on low-voltage conductivity with electrical currents running through our soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone and neurological pathways to the brain. If an injury to our body takes place or our body is compromised by disease, then the normal electrical current is disrupted. Thorp Institute microcurrent therapy is believed to be the closest to our body’s own electrical current unlike other types of electrical stimulation therapy that only “mask” pain. The Thorp microcurrent therapy penetrates to a cellular level actually aiding in the healing of damaged tissues.

Pain Free

Microcurrent therapy is the choice Nirvana Wellnest made for treating and managing pain because it does not produce any discomfort, nor does it cause any side effects or over-stimulation. Microcurrent therapy treats the actual cause of the pain. Benefits of this type of pain management system are a faster healing process, reduction of swelling and inflammation, release of muscular trigger points, improvement of soft tissue regeneration and an increase in circulation.


“Two years ago I had such incredible pain in my shoulder that I could not lift my arm. After 3 microcurrent treatment the pain was completely gone as the technician was able to locate the source off the pain which was emanating from under my armpit. The next day I could lift my shoulder and my arm completely above my head with no pain.” – Ellyn, Huntington Beach, CA

Safe & Effective

Nirvana Wellnest believes that using a natural and safe method for pain management is critical to aid in the body’s own healing abilities. Microcurrent therapy at Nirvana Wellnest is non-invasive and highly effective. The list of treatable conditions is long. Microcurrent pain management can relieve pain and speed healing of symptoms associated with some of the following conditions: allergies, arthritis, back/neck injuries, broken bones, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, headaches, immune system disorders, insomnia, pain associated with cancer treatment, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, spinal injuries, sports injuries, tendonitis, stress reduction and more.

Nirvana Wellnest looks forward to providing you health and wellness by using one of the most effective methods of pain relief and pain management today: the Thorp Institute Certified Micro-current therapy!


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