Holistic Nutrition

Yvonne Tait - Holistic Nutrition Coach

Yvonne Tait

Nirvana Wellnest believes that holistic nutrition is crucial to the health and wellness of everyone, so we are excited to have Yvonne Tait, Professional Health Coach and Nutritional Advisor, available for all of your holistic nutritional needs.

The Importance

Proper nutrition is the basis for optimum health and wellbeing. These days more and more people are turning to organic foods and a more holistic approach to eating, but holistic nutrition is not just about food. Holistic nutrition takes into consideration the person as a whole and what choices best support the needs of that person. Modern medicine focuses on treating the “symptoms” of our physical problems, but holistic nutrition focuses more on the underlying cause of imbalances in the body and creates a plan for a complete recovery of health and a happier life.

Healthy Energy

holistic nutrition - fruits and vegetables

We all know food provides the energy we need to allow our bodies to function properly; however, many foods consumed these days are actually harming our bodies. Foods can influence our moods, our energy and our attitude. Eating food that is not high in nutritional value can create many problems in our bodies leading to unhappiness and dissatisfaction in our lives. Yvonne Tait is a personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life through holistic nutrition. She can work with you to ensure fun, flexible ways to create a healthier life through proper nutrition.

Our Goal

Nirvana Wellnest is proudly working with Yvonne Tait to bring you professional health consultations to discuss your unique situation and determine how she can help you reach your goals. Yvonne will focus on helping you improve your eating habits, understand your body better, making your self-care a priority, having confidence in choosing and preparing better food for you and your family and experiencing an overall increase in happiness in your life. You will be surrounded in a supportive environment while you explore what will work best for you!

Nirvana Wellnest is excited to have Yvonne Tait available to bring you all your holistic health and nutritional needs.



“Prior to working with Yvonne, I suffered from extreme bloating, fatigue and lack of energy, multiple skin issues, and constant cravings. Although there were many healthy choices I was already making, there was so much that wasn’t harmonious with my particular body. Through the incredibly in-depth analysis and exercises, I was able to see that there were so many ways to better listen to my body’s needs and fuel myself for optimal performance. Through some simple shifts I was able to completely eliminate my issues with bloating (turns out I’m allergic to apples!!!), create much more energy and stamina, virtually eliminate my skin issues, and no longer suffer from extreme cravings! To say that Yvonne and her work has changed my life would be a complete understatement. With the way our health care system is, is has been totally priceless to feel such much empowerment around my health. I am a huge advocate for both the work Yvonne teaches as well as who she is as a person. I think one would be hard pressed to find a better investment in your health, well-being, and life. I will be forever grateful for the radical shifts she has help me make in my life.”

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