The CR500 Diet is a safe, quick and effective way to lose weight. Nirvana Wellnest chose this product for optimum healthy weight loss because of its unique enzyme stimulating qualities that increase metabolism at a cellular level. This product is taken in an oral liquid form therefore bypassing the digestive system and immediately entering the bloodstream, giving you the fastest and safest relief from excess appetite and cravings.

CR500 Weight Loss ProgramBy choosing the Nirvana Wellnest CR500 Weight Loss Program you are choosing a complete weight loss program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off! CR500 naturally burns excess body fat, curbs hunger cravings, increases energy levels and could not be easier to use. Simply take the CR500 product daily, follow a specific meal program and watch the pounds drop off! The special meal program works with CR500 by combining essential foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins reducing your caloric intake allowing you to drop the weight without the hunger or fatigue.

The miracle of this program is the decades of research done to find the best combination of foods to fuel the body with ample energy yet keep it looking for additional fuel within the body.

So what are the benefits of CR500? You will see amazing results very quickly. CR500 is a fat burner that is crucial for weight loss. You will see your body take a new shape, cellulite is dramatically reduced, CR500 is safe for all ages and CR500 naturally detoxifies your body.

The Complete CR500 Nirvana Wellnest Weight Loss Program will provide you with everything you need and more to have a successful Phentermine 40mg weight-loss experience. The program includes the all natural CR500 Weight Loss Formula, step-by-step instructions on shedding those unwanted pounds and keeping them off, specialized meal plan, CR500 exclusive cookbook and great customer service and support via email, phone or our Facebook support group. Nirvana Wellnest is dedicated to your success, and we love to help you reach your goals!

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